Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sweet Temptation: GeeCee's Macaroons, Pampanga (01.21.11)

One thing I can't forget when I was young is when we used to go to the dike side and run early in the morning. I love the cold air touching me like it's always December. During those times, we drop by GeeCee Bakeshop, a 24 hour bakeshop all over Pampanga, to buy ourselves bread and other sweets. It is also the place where almost all of us in Guagua buys cake before those outlets of Goldilocks and Red Ribbon sprouted. 
GeeCee offers a wide variety of bread, from the special ensaymada, mamon to my favorite Cheese Roll.
You can also enjoy their yummy sweet delicacies like tarts, caramel bars, caramel puffs (with soft yema inside) and my favorite... macaroons!

During our Maundy Thursday Visita Iglesia our 4th stop was at the Cathedral in San Fernando. We watched people carrying crosses and doing their penance on the roads. Me and my cousin got hungry and luckily we saw an outlet of GeeCee nearby. I chose to have the caramel bar and I kept looking and found the last tray of macaroons. I instantly grabbed it. In the car, I showed mommy what I bought and she kept on talking about how good those macaroons were compared to the one we buy in others. It's really a must try:)

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