Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Spotlight: Newbies of DQ, Red Ribbon and KFC

 This entry will talk about the new offerings of known food shops in the metro. It is a usual practice of everyone to try anything  new to their senses especially the taste (except for those who does not like experimenting on foods).

To start of, Dairy Queen's MANGO CHEESECAKE BLIZZARD. It's the newest addition to their famous ice cream collection served upside down. What I like about it is that it's not too sweet and you can really taste the mango flavor which matches well to the cheesecake slices on top. I observed that it is best to order the biggest size (22oz) because it has more toppings and it tastes different from the one which is smaller. This is probably because of the amount of flavored syrup added.
What I hate about this is that once you consumed all the small cheesecake slices, you will not taste the flavor that I desire in this one. I guess you have to divide it equally for the whole cup.

Next is Red Ribbon's CHEESE ROLL. Unlike the one you buy from it's bestfriend Bakeshop, RR's is soft, creamy and you will really know that the cheese is the highlight of this bread. I even became addicted to it right after my first taste. What I hate about it is the small serving size. I wish that there would be a bigger one.

If you are a rice lover, why not try KFC's CHICKEN ALA KING BOWL. The creamy sauce blends perfectly with the coating of the chicken. But what I noticed is that in some branches, it becomes too salty. I prefer this one rather than the Kung Pao because I think the sauce of it overpowers the chicken fillet.

So there you have it, three new variations from different food shops. Go and try them yourselves:)
Happy Eating!

Dinner @ Tempura Japanese Grill with my family (05.22.11)

It's a usual Sunday night. It's my rest day the following day so I went home to Pampanga. My family waited for me at SM Pampanga. They bought some supplies needed at home to burn time. Good thing there was no traffic that time. Mom was starving already when I arrived. She asked me where do I want to eat and gave several choices. Since I haven't tried eating at Tempura, I chose to dine there.
Tempura  Japanese Grill is commonly seen all over the country's cities. I am not a fan of Japanese cuisine but there is something about Tempura which I find interesting.
I love the simple yet elegant interior of Tempura in Pampanga.
Cris (my dearest sister) is the one who ordered all the food since I was busy talking to mommy. I let her do the job since I know that we almost had the same list of to eat and not to eat:)

Of course we had the very common California Maki. What I like about this is that it's not too sour unlike those which I had at a famous fast food.
This is a free dish from Dad's bucket of San Mig Lights:) It's like pork strips with mushrooms
I think this is Tori Teriyaki
We also ordered two sets of 8piece Ebi Tempura:)) yumyum
I love this dish, very powerful and the taste is a big wow!
Pork Tonkatsu
Another favorite is this. I actually forgot the name of this
Of course it won't be complete without our favorite four seasons fruit shake.
This is my family. Mom and Dad at the extreme right while Cris is on the leftmost portion. I sat between my two cousins while the one standing is Jethroe, a friend of the family.
Oh well, actually the main reason why they went to SM is that they bought Smeagle some clothes.
Here are some of his clothes

I am happy with how they fit with Smeagle's body., but nothing will compare to the happiness brought by a simple meal with the one you love.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Birthday Treat @ Kalye Juan, Mall of Asia

One late afternoon, me and my peers went to Mall of Asia after our food trip at Dapitan to meet Bless who will come from Laguna. We were so hungry that time because we haven't eaten our lunch yet even though it's almost dinner time. So when we got there, Ludy and I instantly chose were to eat. Since we haven't eaten yet at Kalye Juan, we agreed to try it. This dinner was a post-birthday treat of Ludy, Ate Aljane and Zoe.
Kalye Juan is a Filipino Restaurant which offers various Pinoy favorites for a reasonable price. When you enter the doors of this resto, you will never fail to notice the large painting on the wall of streets which looks like taken during the Spanish regime. Ironic to this oldie feeling, they have a very modern and colorful Bar on the other side where the drinks are being prepared.
We ordered 2 packages for easy selection. Here are the inclusions:

Fresh Lumpiang Sariwa
Adobong Kangkong
Krispy Pata
Sisig sa Kalye
Bagoong Lechon Kawali
Pancit Palabok
Paksiw na Lechon Kawali
Chicken Pastel
I personally love the Chicken Pastel. It's not too creamy and salty. It has so many ingredients inside and it maintained its warmness. The Lumpiang ubod has too much garlic which made it spicy. I do not eat Kangkong so I do not know how it tastes. The Krispy pata is just okay. It's like the one you have almost everywhere. The Lechon Kawali dishes are lovely! The Paksiw has different taste which is definitely a hit! The Binagoongan is also delicious (Binagoongan is one of my favorites so I am bias when it comes to this).
Here are our pictures while eating:)
I can recommend Kalye Juan for those who like to have big servings, many food options and affordable meals. The service is good and the place is clean and comfortable. Go and try it yourself!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Mirienda @ Dapitan-reminiscing our college days

When we were in college, especially during our senior year, we use to spend our afternoons together here at Rosarito St. in Dapitan. We will eat anything possible and jump from one street to another. So one late afternoon, me and my friends met. I went to UST Graduate School then since all of us did not have our lunch yet, we texted the others to follow us at Rosaritos to have some "panawid-gutom". 
Just like the old times, we ordered everything we saw. I had saging con yelo since it feels really hot that time. I also had cheese sticks and fish balls. Others had squid balls, kikiam, kwek-kwek and sago't gulaman. Very cheap foods but the satisfaction from these foods is priceless. 

Too bad Blesilda Demonica, Karlash and the consistent absent Chicken, Jehanne were not around... This is the happiest summer aftrnoon of my 2011! I love my friends so much:)

Til next time peers!!!

Dinner @ Army Navy+In The Name of Love (05.17.11)

I was alarmed that I was beaten by mommy and daddy when they watched In the Name of Love first. I can really feel my social life dying! haha OA lang. So I forced(yes forced talaga!) ate to watch it with me. I thought riding the LRT will be easier since usually there is traffic all-over the metro 7-9pm. But again, I was wrong I counted years on our way to Trinoma. We purchased our tickets when we got there and since we still have an hour and a half, we went to SM North Sky Garden to have dinner. 
Almost everywhere is filled with people and I was really hoping to eat ASAP since I did not have mirienda that day at work. We went to Army Navy to have quick dinner before the film starts. It's nice  to dine at the sky garden since the weather is gloomy and it feels like it was going to rain anytime. The only disadvantage of course is you will be very exposed to those who pass. 
After we ordered, we rested and chat with one another. I really think that they are very slow in preparing the orders since it took them 45 minutes to prepare our sandwiches. Another thing that I do not like is they serve our orders one by one.
For our beverages, we had LIBERTEA. It's just iced tea but there is something different with the taste.
We also had FREEDOM FRIES which I think is a crispier and tastier mini version of KFC's fries. It's so small but very heavy in the stomach.
I chose to have STARVING SAILOR. I prefer the beef flavor than the chicken. It's a submarine type sandwich with beef strips and cheese.
Thank God that my wait is worth it. It's delicious and very satisfying. The combination of this sandwich with the freedom fries made me feel bloated after that quick eating.
Ate had their Classic BURGER which she said is good but the sesame seeds are bothering her because they look creepy. hahaha Silly!

We returned to Trinoma when we finished our meals. There are many people who went to see the last screening of the movie. The movie is phenomenal and I've been hearing good reviews about it. I personally think that the movie is good but it could have been better if the love story of Cedes and Emman was given a longer time. BITIN kasi! You will see how Angel matured as an actress. I love the confrontation scene of Aga and Angel. It made me realize that sometimes you will not understand or feel good why someone did a certain thing to you, but that does not mean that he/she does not love you.
In the Name of Love is directed by Olivia Lamasan and is the 18th anniversary offering of Star Cinema. It's still being shown in theaters nationwide. Let's support the Filipino Film Industry.