Thursday, May 19, 2011

Sweet Temptation: Killing the Summer Heat:)

For the past weeks, I became addicted to sweet foods.
During the holy week, my sister introduced to me Kimy Krazy Banana. It's a banana flavored ice cream inside  a yellow jelly that can be peeled. It's exciting to eat and very delicious! 
I ate it like an ordinary ice drop because i forgot that it can be peeled. Based from my experience, it is best to eat the jelly separately from the ice cream inside.
Of course, when we talk of Nestle ice cream, the Twin Pops will never be out of the list. It is good, cheap and good for two if you are not much into sweets. It is also available in chocolate flavor.

I am not a Halo-Halo lover, but I am wondering what Icebergs' Caramel Con Yelo tastes like so I tried it one burning hot afternoon! It am just wondering why is it called caramel con yelo because when I ate it, it has mangoes, bananas, macapuno and other stuffs in it that surely does not tastes like caramel. Good thing it taste just fine!
But I love Razon's Halo-Halo better.
The only thing I like with this better than the other is the vanilla ice cream on top.

Another obsession is Red Ribbon's Brazo de Mercedes.
It's like a thick layer of meringue rolled with golden yellow custard filling.
Most people would prefer the end of the cake roll since it is the one with more custard filling.
The meringue softly dissolves in your mouth.
Very light yet very powerful dessert.
It can be considered as one of the Phillipines' favorite cake specialty.

Happy eating sweethearts!

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