Sunday, March 27, 2011

Dinner @ KKK Food Revolution + Red Riding Hood (03.18.11)

It was Friday night and I just came from Pampanga.. Brijette and I planned to go out with Dizon. Thinking that Dizon is working at St.Luke's at Global City, I texted them that the meeting place will be in MOA. I was surprised to find out that she works in Quezon City so we where saying na "Sana Trinoma na lang" hahaha
Brijetter was craving for Kare-Kare that time and she wants to eat at Kanin Club. I looked for something similar since there is no Kanin Club at MOA. We went to KKK Food Revolution! I was hesitant to eat meat that day since I am practicing abstinence as my yearly sacrifice for Lent. But since we do this seldomly, I agreed to participate in this food trip!

The place is well lighted and have a very warm atmosphere
The nipa walls are interesting especially since it is inside a mall
To satisfy Brijette's craving, we ordered KareKareng Baka,,, The beef is soft and tender. The flavor is okay but what I did not like is it has few meat and is mostly composed of "twalya"
The KareKare is served with their spicy Bagoong
We ordered a very Pinoy rice... the Sinangag sa Tinapa at Itlog na Maalat. It is like having ulam at kanin in one! Even Dizon who is not eating Itlog na Maalat likes it.
This is Garlic Pusit... a perfect choice especially this Lenten season for people who are abstaining from meat. The squid is not hard to eat and the sauce of the dish is also good 
We also ordered a Pork dish which became our favorite.. the Binagoongang Lechon Kawali. it is not too salty  and it is very delicious. I will keep coming back at KKK for this one!!! It's a must try!
Of course, to feel the food revolution even more, we have our very Pinoy drinks Sago't Gulaman!!!

We were very victorious with our food revolution for dinner. We had good food for a price that will not make you cry!!! We shared stories and had picture taken. Too bad Brijette lost her atm that time.We went to the cinemas after that and I can say we had DESSERT:) haha watch Red Riding Hood to know what I mean!!!
One Hot Movie!

Lunch @ Goldilocks...late appreciation (03.06.11)

When I was in college, I tried eating at Goldilocks inside the campus and I never attempted eating there again since the food is already prepared and it was just heated in the microwave oven.
One Sunday, a new store supervisor came and I oriented her with the different things about the store. It was 2 in the afternoon when we decided to have lunch around Tutuban and we have few options that time. Since I am not being satisfied with my daily meals at everyone's favorite fast foods I just said yes when she told me "Tara Goldilocks na lang"
I was shocked because for someone so thin, her appetite is BIG

She ordered the following

Pancit Guisado
She also ordered rice because according to her, she had a hard time going there from Novaliches. I too was very hungry that time and the food in front of the counter made me crave. I was surprised to know that they prepare food there unlike other branches. And since the food was very affordable, I was attracted to buy all that food that I want hahaha:)) Gluttony strikes!

Lumpiang Shanghai
Baked Macaroni
Pineapple Juice
I was really full after that food trip! It was one of the best Lunch Break at work! Now I know why many are saying that food there taste good:) Now I appreciate the simplicity of Pinoy Food served by Goldilocks...
As they say, Better late than never!

Spotlight: Super Show 3 + North Park (02.26.11)

Super Junior wows Manila during their Super Show 3 concert held at the Araneta Coliseum last February. The crowd was lively and they sing along to the music of the famous boy group. The effects, stunts, and choreography did not fail the high hopes of the Filipino fans rather made them look forward for their next concert in the country. I am not a super fan but I became interested to the show. SuJu's concert is really one of a kind.
after that hot and awesome concert, we went out to satisfy our starving stomachs.
right beside the gate of the concert venue is North Park
he ordered steamed rice with Double Pork Rib (I guess?)
he did not like it,, there is nothing special about it according to him
I ordered Steamed Rice with Lechong Macau. I liked it and the rice is really delicious. It made me want to have an additional order but we were rushing because of work the following day

The service crew is very efficient, polite and attentive. It's a restaurant with many choices and one should try:)

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Sweet Temptation: Cakes for all seasons

I was organizing all my photos when I noticed that I haveemany pictures of cakes taken  years ago and some just recently... I love cakes:))
DQ's Ice Cream Cake from my peers given during my 20th birthday treat @ Fish & Co.
Tiramisu Wallnut something from Red Ribbon for Christmas 2009
Red Velvet for my 19th given by Cris
Ube Cake for Christmas of 2010, first Xmas at work:)
Chocolate Heaven for Daddy
Red Ribbon's Choco Marjolaine for my 18th @ Max's with john, jel, rej and ai
Red Ribbon's Banoffee Pie from boardmates
Red Ribbon's Dulce de Leche from my family
Most Creative!!! Krispy Kreme doughnuts!!! from peers during my 19th birthday
Cheesecake Etc.'s Chocolate Dome for Mom's birthday 2010
Mango Bravo from Conti's for New Year 2011
For mom's birthday 2011:))

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Dinner @ Texas Roadhouse Grill, El Pueblo Real de Manila

 After the 2nd Watsons CPE Summit for Pharmacists,Jha and I decided to find some food and change our clothes. We went to Podium since it's near United Street and we were deciding wether or not to attend the after party since I want to watch Imortal that time. We were walking when we saw the stars of the upcoming Kapamilya teleserye: Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin starring Coco Martin. We also saw other famous faces like Pokwang and Direk Wenn. We went out of the mall and checked El Pueblo Real which is just across the street. We  found many interesting restaurants but we were looking for something that will surely satisfy or hunger that time and we picked Texas Roadhouse Grill.

The place is very peaceful that time and very different from the business of the roads outside it. The theme made me feel that I was in a barn in America and I really like the dimness of the lights. Another thing its the creativity of the restaurant to use wooden wheels to divide the area for the tables. And of course they have TV there which made me wanna stay and watch my awaited teleseryes there.

Grilled Pork Chops
Boneless BBQ Chicken

and we were right! The food, the service and value for money were really satisfying!!!
You can also choose what side dished would like to have so we did not picked veggies:))
These are the happy faces satisfied by the lovely dinner we had that time

I would personally like to visit and try other dishes as well as other restaurants near by

Vday @ Greenbelt 3: NYFD, The Black Swan, Bubba Gump

It's Vday and it's Jharon's 21st Birthday.. so after fixing my retainers I went to him at gateway and we had a hard time going to Greenbelt since no taxi wants to give us a ride... As always he never considered MRT as a way of transportation (hehe arte much!) So we had no choice but to ride the bus... We went to Greenbelt 3 to claim our reserved seats for Black Swan then he treated me @ NYFD for snacks which I guess is heavy enough to be called dinner! I gave him a small cake from Bread Talk which looks like him when smiling.         

As always, nothing can beat NYFD when it comes to fries! It was superb especially with my favorite Garlic Parmesan. I ordered their signature sandwich NYFD Bacon N' Cheese Burger which I think is perfectly served that time. Of course it won't be complete without the strawberry juice!!!

On the other hand, he ordered Bacon Cheesedog which is more than enough to be called supper according to him.

Then he wants some jelly beans from the candy station just beside the NYFD stall so I went there to have some and I have lots of funny experiences during that time.

Then we went to see the advance screening of the much talked about film of the year- The Black Swan... It was an awesome movie and the performance of Portman was outstanding! 
After the movie, we walked then walked and walked again then we decided to eat at Bubba Gump but we were still full because of the snacks we had @ NYFD so I only ordered pasta and he got some dessert since we was not able to eat all of his food before the movie

the place is cool and full of vintage designs that has a theme of a cabin found beside a lake

I was not able to eat the pasta since I already feel like vomiting plus we had a small fight that time. But the one I ordered, OF COURSE WE HAVE SCAMPI taste really good!!! The power of the shrimp was given emphasis... I forgot what my drink is but It's really lovely!!! I think it's JENNY'S FAVORITE

and lastly, it won't be a birthday without the blowing of the cake!!!