Sunday, May 22, 2011

Dinner @ Big City + Priest (05.13.11)

May 13 is the day the newest album of Sarah G was released. I was very determined to grab my own copy that day so when I knew that SM San Lazaro is close already, I automatically rushed to SM North Edsa since they have extended mall hours. I ride the fastest thing I knew to go there, and that is LRT. Too bad that it took us long to reach the Roosevelt station. The train is so slow.Luckily, I arrived at The Block 10 minutes before the closing time. I ran as fast as I could to Astroplus and purchased the album at once.
After that I tried to see what movies are for the last full show that will give me enough time to eat dinner first. It's been quite long since I last watched a 3D movie so I chose Priest. We bought tickets then we searched for a place to eat. It's already past 10pm so almost every store and restaurants are closed. We decided to go to the cinema then we saw Big City. Located near the cinemas at The Block, Big City offers burgers, sausages, pastas and more.

We had their Double Flame Broiled burger which is served with fries. I really love their burger. It is well cooked and I can really taste the beef used for the patty. Their fries have good quality also. It's a great choice for all those who lives in a busy lifestyle. It is a way to have a quick meal without the quality being sacrificed. 

After our quick yet fulfilling meal, we went directly to the cinemas. They gave us free popcorns (or hotdogs depending on your choice) for snacks. I already watched in several 3D theaters but only in this cinema I participated in a game before the film. Very entertaining.
I am not a fan of horror films since I get scared easily, but Priest is not that scary. More of an action fantasy wherein priest are capable of fighting vampires and they are the protectors of humans. I can compare its story to resident evil. I am very tired that day but I was really entertained and the movie is not boring at all.
Priest is still being shown in several theaters nationwide...

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