Thursday, April 21, 2011

Spotlight: Eurobake of Bulacan (04.20.11)

When it's time for Karla and Bless to go home, Karla told bless that she will go to Eurobake to buy some inipit before heading to Valenzuela. I am hesitating with the next word I'm going to utter but my obsession to Eurobake's famous original inipit prevailed! I went to Bulacan with them. It took us almost 30mins from SM Pampanga to go to Tabang, Bulacan where the main outlet of Eurobake is. 
Since I was young, daddy and her clan used to bring us these inipits because they are Bulakenyos by origin. Back then they also have Ube flavored inipit which is the favorite of mommy. I just don't know if it was just sold out or they are not making those anymore.I bought two boxes only since I am not prepared for this trip and I am not bringing cash with me. Each box has 25 pieces of inipit and costs 225Php.

It's me and Eurobake's inipit reunited like brothers! hahaha silly me
We went to Bless' house and ate mirienda before their procession. By 6pm I went back home to Pampanga and shared the inipit with my family:)

Eurobake inipit and other delicacies is also available at Greenhills and Glorietta 4 and Greenbelt 1
Go and pleasure yourself with these lovely inipit:))

Sweet Temptation: Arce Dairy Ice Cream (04.20.11)

When we were at Marquee, Bless wants some ice cream so we walked and looked for choices...
Then I remember during our review, a lecturer told us that if you want the original selecta ice cream(before the gold series) then go and but Arce Dairy Ice cream... Even though the Gold creations taste good, I prefer the old selecta since that's what I'm used to when I was growing as a child.
I like the logo of Arce, old country feeling:))

There are many flavors to choose from...
from the classic ube, vanilla, darl chocolate, strawberry to new flavors like pistachio, blueberry cheesecake and a lot more!
I chose pistachio(the green one) Bless had blueberry cheesecake(the blue-green) and Karla chose dark chocolate. Each scoop costs 40php. Cheaper that other ice cream stands but the taste won't fail your expectations:)) Sweet day everyone!!!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Lunch @ T.G.I. Fridays, Marquee Mall (04.20.11)

Bless and Karla paid me a visit here in Pampanga yesterday. Our original plan was to meet by 8am but of course a normal scene happening to every gathering is the practice of Filipino time! They arrived at SM Pampanga at around 11am. Our original plan was to go to Lakeshore and do some fun activities there but due to my amnesia on the art of driving, we just went to Marquee Mall to have Lunch. Then we went around to look for a place to eat. Karla was complaining and begging us not to go to a fastfood chain so from many our choices was brought down to two. The other is Filipino Restaurant, but since the last time we went out, we ate on a resto with the same theme, we chose Fridays.

When it comes to place, Fridays is one of my favorite. It's lively, fun and creative. You will see the artistic design from wall to wall.
When it comes to food, Fridays has a wide selection of dishes suited for all ages. They have chicken, pork, beef, sea foods which will surely satisfy your cravings.
We decided to have three dishes of different kinds with the size good for sharing.

Fridays' Shrimp
This is made of battered and butterflied shrimps deep fried until golden brown served with crispy fries and tartar sauce.  It's not too salty and  it's best served while friends are starting a conversation. The tartar sauce is this dish's secret.
Mushroom Chicken and Mushroom
Deep fried chicken topped with mozzarella cheese and mushroom. It's served with buttered corn, mashed potatoes/rice with sour cream sauce. In this dish, every part is a star, especially the corn which we really love.

Filipino Pork Liempo
As the song goes... "tayo'y mga pinoy, tayo'y hindi kano" so even we are dining on a American Resto, we still had this Pinoy flavored liempo. Three pieces of liempo marinated in soy sauce and garlic then grilled served with ensalada and java rice. One noticable thing with this dish is it is hard to cut using a knife but once it's in your mouth, you will be in love with the meat's tenderness. I love the sweetness of the vinegar!

Fruit punches
Orange, Strawberry and Green apple punch to complete our lunch

Here are my good friends Karla and Bless!!!
Fridays is quite costly compared to other resto but since my first visit, they never failed to fill my stomach with good food and provide good customer service:) Kudos TGIF
Till our next visit at T.G.I.Fridays Marquee Mall

MARKY COOKS: Bangus Sisig (04.18.11)

Monday night I was craving for fish so I went down to check what we have. I found some milk fish marinated to be cooked as daing na bangus the following morning. I asked my cousin who is currently staying at our house to chop some onions and boil eggs. I decided to cook Bangus sisig since for days now, I've really want to eat at WOK, a place where me and my college friends eat during our 4th year days.
Bangus Sisig ala Marky
I fried the daing but I was careful not to make it too crispy since I will cook it again as sisig later. Then on a sisig plate, I put on some onions and minute amount of oil. When the onion was done I mixed the bangus flakes with it and seasoned it with Maggi magic sarap, soy sauce, pepper and salt. I served it with sliced eggs and tomatoes:) It's an easy dish but it tastes really good. Try it:))

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Family Dinner @ The Classic Savory Chicken (04.17.11)

Sunday night after work I went home to Pampanga. My parents and my sister heard mass and they decided to pick me up in the mall. After an hour I arrived at SM Pampanga. I was bringing lots of things with me which made it hard for me to go down the bus. We have nothing to do and I am too tired ta walk around so mommy decided to eat na lang. Since I'm in pampanga, there are few options for good food inside the mall (the mall is dominated by fast foods). Mom knows that purgang purga na ako sa fastfood that's why she asked me "san mo gusto david's tea house or sa savory?".I saw that I am nearer to Savory that'swhy I told her Savory na lang.
What's good with The Classic Savory is that their service is fast without sacrificing the quality of the food they serve plus the affordability of their dishes.

Buttered Chicken
This is chicken fried in butter served with vinegar with onions. The saltiness of the chicken and the sourness of the vinegar is a perfect match, not to mention the crispiness of the breading they used in the chicken.
Fried Dumplings
 What makes Savory's Dumplings good is that you will see that they use real meat inside and less of the fatty parts. It is not the traditional one served with toyomansi but they have sour cream sauce as the dip for this appetizer.
Savory's Fried Chicken
This is their house specialty! Of course your visit will not be complete without having this on your table.
Sweet and Sour Pork
When visiting any Chinese Restaurant, this is always present on our to order list! It's a family favorite and it's a play safe order.
Miki Bihon Pancit Binondo
I am not a Pancit lover, but it's a different case when you're talking about this pancit of Savory! It's the only pancit I can consume in big amounts!!!
Savory Tropical Cooler and Savory Blended Iced Tea
For our beverages, we had this two Savory favorites!!! Yes they're the usual four seasons and iced tea but they were given the Savory blend

Till our next visit @ the Classic Savory:))

First time @ Mamang Taho (04.14.11)

It's friday night and I have nothing to do at home so I decided to pursue my plans the day before. After work, I went directly to Mamang Taho. I am curious of what makes it different from other coffee shop and I've noticed that it's starting to increase the number of its customers despite of being located beside Figaro and it is halfway between two Starbucks outlet.
Photo courtesy of Mamang Taho FB
Mamang Taho is a coffee shop situated near UST (Dapitan corner Padre Noval) which opened late last year.

The place is cozy and has a very warm feeling. It is suitable for someone who wants to study, read or just hang out with friends. I saw a couple of students who are reviewing PACOP so they must be pharma students.

Since it's Friday, I can only eat fish so i have to be choosy in matching my beverage with the sandwich
They have Tuna Panini Sandwich which should be served with potato chips. Too bad the chips are not available! But I appreciate that they asked if it was fine with me. I like the way the panini is. Enough to make you taste the Tuna but not too much na "nakaka-umay". I will surely have this again on my next visit. I am hoping that the chips will be available na.

I matched my panini with this strawberry flavored drink. The ice is finely crashed and the flavor is not sweet and not too sour. It's one of the best strawberry flavored drink I've tasted.

Of course my experience will not be complete without me reading The Diary of a Wimpy Kid. I enjoyed my stay and the next thing I knew is that they are about to close. I am looking forward to my next visit. I'm not a taho drinker but since many enjoy what they serve here so I guess it must be really good

One thing that I think will make this place better is for them to have pastas or rice meals since most of their customers are students or working people, it will be beneficial for both the students and the store's profit if they can have supper while reviewing:)

Sweet Temptation: Selecta Gold-Berry Strawberry

Thursday night, I went to Mamang Taho but unfortunately it's closed because of a certain activity they have. Then I went to Starbucks P. Noval and Dapitan to have something with caffeine and something sweet but to my disappointment, both are closed earlier than usual since it's summer break.
I went back to my unit but after a minute or so I went out again to buy something from Mini Stop. I went in the ice cream section and I picked Berry Strawberry. This is not the first time I bought this! But what keeps me buying it is the big strawberry slices in the ice cream itself. I almost ate the whole cup in just one sitting, good thing I controlled myself:)) 

Dinner @ Tres with Karla and Bless (04.10.11)

 It's Sunday night after work! Bless, Karla and I decided to see each other and have a good time together. Karla just came from the gym and we waited for Bless to arrive from Bulacan. We then went to Tres to have dinner. 

The place feels really warm and accommodating. The choice of music adds to the relaxing ambiance of the restaurant. 
While ordering Karla did not stop saying that she just went to the gym and now she will eat a lot. They have a variety of Filipino foods to choose from. Some were given a twist which adds excitement to the dining experience.

Fresh Fruit Shakes
A wide selection of fruit shales are available the ripe mango shake is superb!!!
Binagoongang Lechon Kawali
 There are many restaurants nowadays that includes binagoongang lechon kawali in their Menu but what makes Tres' special is the gata used in this dish. It's spicy, creamy and crunchy at the same time. it is our Tres' favorite.
Sizzling Bangus
 As usual the part which everyone desires is the bangus belly! This reminds us of the Bangus sisig we order at Wok near UST. another dish to try!
Beef with Mushroom
I forgot the exact name of this dish but I think one famous saying applicable to this is "sabaw pa lang ulam na"

Garlic Rice
 Good thing that this is a perfect combination to all the dishes we ordered. The three of us decided to have an additional order of rice since we enjoyed the food so much.
These are our happy pictures together after our delightful meal

I love you friends!!!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Dinner @ Kenny Rogers Roasters with Ludy (04.08.11)

Okay, define super hungry and craving for good food then you'll end up disappointed... I experienced it at Kenny Rogers in Rob Galleria. We were having a hard time looking for a good place to eat since first it's a friday and second, it's salary day. All restaurants are almost full. It's not that long since I last ate in Kenny and honestly I enjoy their roasted chicken plus the yummy variations of side dishes.
the place is not that clean unlike other branches where I usually go (San Lazaro and Trinoma)
the tables are not balanced and the couches are worn out
Ludy's order
My order
I was surprise when our orders were served! It's not the usualchicken plus rice on the plate plus a side dishes on a separate bowl.. I am also surprise to notice that my rice is plain because the cashier did not asked me what type of rice will I order. Yes I understand that ingredients are costly nowadays, but there are things that a food chain should not sacrifice. The chicken itself is almost tasteless. I ended full but still craving for something good to eat.
Creme Brulee

Ludy and I ordered the same dessert. Creme Brulee! It's just a plain dessert nothing special. When we finished eating we immediately went searching for another place to satisfy our cravings.