Friday, January 28, 2011

Spotlight: Tupig of Pangasinan

It was almost a year ago when I first tasted this. I can still remember that we had no choice because we were boating at Burnham Park that time and we were all hungry. Last time I went to Pangasinan, after hearing mass at Manaoag I bought these delicious Tupig!!! Try it guys! 

Sweet Temptation: Krispy Kreme with Chona (01.23.11)

I went to SM City San Lazaro last Sunday to have my photo taken for the claiming of the license. I texted Chona to come with me. we went to photo island then we waited for about half an hour. We came back but it's not done yet since there are many people that day. I told her I was very hungry so we went to Krispy Kreme to eat some doughnuts.

I ordered Peanut Butter and Creme and Chocolate Iced Raspberry Filled while Chona had New York Cheesecake. The Peanut Butter was good. It's not that sweet yet you will taste the Reese's in it. But what I love most is the Raspberry Filled since I am a berry lover:)) The chocolate and Raspberry matches each other!!! I want more of it but I ate it while I'm walking towards my house. I called my mom to buy me some:)) haha

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Mirienda @ Forest House Bistro & Cafe, Baguio City (01.21.11)

After our walk along session road and visit in Baguio Cathedral, we decided to eat mirienda before going home. We have two in mind. 50's Diner or Forest House? Then we ended choosing Forest House Bistro and Cafe, located at Loakan Road near Session Road. The place is like an old cabin and I love the coziness it have. When we entered the place, we don't want to get out due to fascination with the interior of the restaurant. If you will look at the way they arranged the place, you will think that dining in there is too expensive, but to our surprise it's very affordable!
THE PLACE: 5.0 / 5.0

Since we're still full, we decided to have short orders. Both of us like Fettuccini Carbonara (230.00 php) so even if we're not sure if it tastes good we ordered the same pasta... we also shared on a Flame Broiled Forest House Burger (175.00php)

the best carbonara I've tasted in a restaurant!!! 
It made me want to stay there even just for a week!!! hehe

well, not the best BUT definitely a must try! it has a unique taste,, 
only i wanted it to be toasted a little more 
plus the chips would be better if freshly made:)

Bottomless iced tea to complete the meal!!!

After the meal we decided to stay a little longer to burn time.. we enjoyed the relaxing scenery from the balcony in which you can also dine if you want to(a perfect location for valentines) 

then we stayed inside and it really feels like home:)) the great interior of the place is a big factor for you to enjoy your dining experience in Forest House!!!


the next time I visit Baguio, I will surely return to this place!!!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Lunch @ Cafe' by the Ruins, Baguio City (01.21.11)

The day before we went to Baguio, I searched for restaurants which has nice ambiance and good food based from the reviews on the internet. Two caught my attention! One of them is Cafe' by the Ruins located at Chuntug St. near Session Road...

The concept of the restaurant is really nice... They intended to create a feeling that you are in a very old place.. the decors are native, tables and chairs are different from one another, vintage kitchen utensils, etc...  As if they want to say "you are eating in Baguio City". The only thing which bothered me are the falling leaves and sometimes insects from the trees due to the wind and rain. Well you have a choice whether to eat inside or be one with nature on the open area

THE PLACE: 4.8 / 5.0 (they should do something to avoid those creatures fallingesp. on your food)

I ordered an original dish that they have, Baguio Bagnet and Padas Bagoong for only 265.00 php. The dish is an regional specialty of fried pork cubes to be dipped in "sawsawan of padas" and dayap juice. It is served with sidings of tomatoes and shallots. I can say that they pork is ordinary, but the combination of padas made it a WOW! The small fish bagoong (Padas) gives a kick to the dish making you want more of it

Ate ordered Spicy Bangus(250.00 php), a boneless milkfish baked in oil and spices. Well it's the common daing ombined with brown rice. The bangus is crispy and served with vinegar and atchara. It is perfect especially for breakfast and for those who loves bangus belly!!!
SPICY BANGUS: 4.0 / 5.0

Mia wanted something to make her feel warm so she ordered Sinigang na Malaga with shrimps (250.00 php)... Well we thought that the sinigang is only made of shrimps. To our surprise, when the shrimp was gone we found the Malaga fish at the bottom..  the meat of the fish is not common. It is something that guest must try when they visit here

for our beverage, we chose iced tea which was served in a unique way. The iced tea is not sweet. You have to mix the honey first for it to have taste. This is good expecially for those who have diabetes

Cafe' by the Ruins gave us an almost perfect Lunch at our stay if not because of those insects,, haha it is a must try for all those who visit Baguio...

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Dessert @ T.G.I.Fridays Mall of Asia (01.17.11)

After eating at Bigby's I told Brijette that I am really craving for mud pie. Since I am still celebrating my month-long birthday(parang artista lang) it would be my treat for her. She said yes even tough she was very full that time.
I've been to Fridays several times and I must say that it is one of my favorites when it comes to the aura and ambiance of the place. Very modern yet inviting and cozy.

PLACE: 5.0 / 5.0

I was determined to order mud pie but  I saw that they have Brownie Obsession, freshly baked chocolate brownie topped with vanilla ice cream... plus chocolate syrup, sprinkles, etc.... OOOOWWWWWW so perfect,, Hot and cold baby! One of my unforgettable desserts


Brijette likes to have Oreo Madness. It is made of giant oreo cookies sandwiched around vanilla ice cream and topped with chocolate and caramel sauce., Brijette said that the good thing about this dessert is "hindi sya nakaka-umay" For me it's like having cookies and cream ice cream with a twist.

OREO MADNESS: 4.5 / 5.0

This is a very memorable night for me,, meeting a good friend and sharing the experiences after college is a very nice way of relieving stress! We enjoyed eating and we agreed to do this again!!!
look how happy we are

we went to Papa Jack of Love Radio that night! Another first with Brijette,, We are laughing like there's no tomorrow during the air time

Dinner @ Bigby's Cafe & Restaurant (01.17.11)

Monday night,, Brijette and I decided to meet since it's been months since we last saw each other...Her shift in MMC was only until 4pm while mine was until 8pm,, then I texted her to see me in front og NBS in MOA.. she helped me search for Imortal dvd but it was out of stock.. I told her that we should eat first since I was really starving... She wants seafoods or vegetables while I am determined to have Fridays.. I was really craving for mudpie that time...

Then we decided to look for other options... Racks to Fish & Co. to another then another,,, then we decided to eat at Bigby's... I am really curious of what food do they offer,, It was my first time then., I love the ambiance of the place,, very cozy and seems to bring memories of my childhood
PLACE: 4.6 / 5.0

I decided to order the Rack-a-Bye Baby! As they describe it, it is smoked barbecued pork ribs which is served with buttered veggies and steamed rice.The meat is really tender and I did not have a hard time in eating unlike my experiences in other restaurants. I just find the sauce very synonymous to the barbecue sauce of Mc Donalds' Chicken Nuggets. Brijette agreed with that...
RACK-A-BYE BABY: 3.5 / 5.0

 Brijette searched for a food she had when she last went there. She assumed that it was Uncle Sam's Roast Beef. When it was served and she tasted it she said she ordered the right dish. It has slices of slow-roasted beef served with creamy gravy! I tasted it and it was really good! I like her order better than mine

For the beverage, Brijette decided to have iced tea. I want to have something that I can't order from a fast food! I am really into chocolate that night so I chose Choco Loco, a chocolate smoothie served with wafer on top. Yummy!
CHOCO LOCO: 4.0 / 5.0

The dining experience was good! It's agood place for old friends to talk and they have good foods to offer:)
Thank you Brijette for bringing me here:)