Sunday, May 22, 2011

Dinner @ Army Navy+In The Name of Love (05.17.11)

I was alarmed that I was beaten by mommy and daddy when they watched In the Name of Love first. I can really feel my social life dying! haha OA lang. So I forced(yes forced talaga!) ate to watch it with me. I thought riding the LRT will be easier since usually there is traffic all-over the metro 7-9pm. But again, I was wrong I counted years on our way to Trinoma. We purchased our tickets when we got there and since we still have an hour and a half, we went to SM North Sky Garden to have dinner. 
Almost everywhere is filled with people and I was really hoping to eat ASAP since I did not have mirienda that day at work. We went to Army Navy to have quick dinner before the film starts. It's nice  to dine at the sky garden since the weather is gloomy and it feels like it was going to rain anytime. The only disadvantage of course is you will be very exposed to those who pass. 
After we ordered, we rested and chat with one another. I really think that they are very slow in preparing the orders since it took them 45 minutes to prepare our sandwiches. Another thing that I do not like is they serve our orders one by one.
For our beverages, we had LIBERTEA. It's just iced tea but there is something different with the taste.
We also had FREEDOM FRIES which I think is a crispier and tastier mini version of KFC's fries. It's so small but very heavy in the stomach.
I chose to have STARVING SAILOR. I prefer the beef flavor than the chicken. It's a submarine type sandwich with beef strips and cheese.
Thank God that my wait is worth it. It's delicious and very satisfying. The combination of this sandwich with the freedom fries made me feel bloated after that quick eating.
Ate had their Classic BURGER which she said is good but the sesame seeds are bothering her because they look creepy. hahaha Silly!

We returned to Trinoma when we finished our meals. There are many people who went to see the last screening of the movie. The movie is phenomenal and I've been hearing good reviews about it. I personally think that the movie is good but it could have been better if the love story of Cedes and Emman was given a longer time. BITIN kasi! You will see how Angel matured as an actress. I love the confrontation scene of Aga and Angel. It made me realize that sometimes you will not understand or feel good why someone did a certain thing to you, but that does not mean that he/she does not love you.
In the Name of Love is directed by Olivia Lamasan and is the 18th anniversary offering of Star Cinema. It's still being shown in theaters nationwide. Let's support the Filipino Film Industry.

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