Thursday, April 21, 2011

Spotlight: Eurobake of Bulacan (04.20.11)

When it's time for Karla and Bless to go home, Karla told bless that she will go to Eurobake to buy some inipit before heading to Valenzuela. I am hesitating with the next word I'm going to utter but my obsession to Eurobake's famous original inipit prevailed! I went to Bulacan with them. It took us almost 30mins from SM Pampanga to go to Tabang, Bulacan where the main outlet of Eurobake is. 
Since I was young, daddy and her clan used to bring us these inipits because they are Bulakenyos by origin. Back then they also have Ube flavored inipit which is the favorite of mommy. I just don't know if it was just sold out or they are not making those anymore.I bought two boxes only since I am not prepared for this trip and I am not bringing cash with me. Each box has 25 pieces of inipit and costs 225Php.

It's me and Eurobake's inipit reunited like brothers! hahaha silly me
We went to Bless' house and ate mirienda before their procession. By 6pm I went back home to Pampanga and shared the inipit with my family:)

Eurobake inipit and other delicacies is also available at Greenhills and Glorietta 4 and Greenbelt 1
Go and pleasure yourself with these lovely inipit:))

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