Sunday, May 22, 2011

Mirienda @ Dapitan-reminiscing our college days

When we were in college, especially during our senior year, we use to spend our afternoons together here at Rosarito St. in Dapitan. We will eat anything possible and jump from one street to another. So one late afternoon, me and my friends met. I went to UST Graduate School then since all of us did not have our lunch yet, we texted the others to follow us at Rosaritos to have some "panawid-gutom". 
Just like the old times, we ordered everything we saw. I had saging con yelo since it feels really hot that time. I also had cheese sticks and fish balls. Others had squid balls, kikiam, kwek-kwek and sago't gulaman. Very cheap foods but the satisfaction from these foods is priceless. 

Too bad Blesilda Demonica, Karlash and the consistent absent Chicken, Jehanne were not around... This is the happiest summer aftrnoon of my 2011! I love my friends so much:)

Til next time peers!!!

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