Sunday, May 1, 2011

MARKY COOKS: Fridays should always be Good (04.22.11)

Good Friday... I woke up early to feed Smeagle and give him his vitamins. I saw a Sumans on the table. It's a kakanin known to many Filipinos. It's just rice cake made of glutinous rice wrapped in palm leaves then steamed. I like my suman to be fried and hot. Put some butter and sugar on top and Voilà! My perfect Pinoy breakfast...
At lunchtime, Mama and I prepared some Fish Fingers and Chicken rolls. I made the white sauce out of cream and mushroom soup. The sauce made the fried stuff more interesting and it enhances the taste of the plain dish.
Chicken rolls and Fish Fingers in White Cream Sauce

I went out to have a view outside and I got interested on our love birds. I remember that I used to have a pair when I was a child and I cried so much when they died.
After resting, I went back to the kitchen to cook mirienda. Mom forgot to buy me chorizo so I have no choice but to look for an alternative. I found bacon inside the freezer and I used it. Yes it's good friday but I intentionally used it and put emphasis on the importance of abstaining from sin rather than meat. It's the same thing I cooked last January but mom requested for this one. It's just Bacon and Shrimp cooked in garlic and olive oil then I added chili powder and paprika. I added cheese to improve the taste.
Bacon and Shrimp pasta in Olive oil
We had a meaningful Good Friday this year. We joined the procession in our parish at night and commemorated our Savior's death on the cross to save us from sin:)

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