Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Dinner @ Tempura Japanese Grill with my family (05.22.11)

It's a usual Sunday night. It's my rest day the following day so I went home to Pampanga. My family waited for me at SM Pampanga. They bought some supplies needed at home to burn time. Good thing there was no traffic that time. Mom was starving already when I arrived. She asked me where do I want to eat and gave several choices. Since I haven't tried eating at Tempura, I chose to dine there.
Tempura  Japanese Grill is commonly seen all over the country's cities. I am not a fan of Japanese cuisine but there is something about Tempura which I find interesting.
I love the simple yet elegant interior of Tempura in Pampanga.
Cris (my dearest sister) is the one who ordered all the food since I was busy talking to mommy. I let her do the job since I know that we almost had the same list of to eat and not to eat:)

Of course we had the very common California Maki. What I like about this is that it's not too sour unlike those which I had at a famous fast food.
This is a free dish from Dad's bucket of San Mig Lights:) It's like pork strips with mushrooms
I think this is Tori Teriyaki
We also ordered two sets of 8piece Ebi Tempura:)) yumyum
I love this dish, very powerful and the taste is a big wow!
Pork Tonkatsu
Another favorite is this. I actually forgot the name of this
Of course it won't be complete without our favorite four seasons fruit shake.
This is my family. Mom and Dad at the extreme right while Cris is on the leftmost portion. I sat between my two cousins while the one standing is Jethroe, a friend of the family.
Oh well, actually the main reason why they went to SM is that they bought Smeagle some clothes.
Here are some of his clothes

I am happy with how they fit with Smeagle's body., but nothing will compare to the happiness brought by a simple meal with the one you love.

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