Sunday, May 8, 2011

Dinner @ Flapjacks + Arthur, Rob Ermita with Ate, Fritz and Karla (05.03.11)

After hours of working, it's always good to have fun with your buddies. Ate Aljane, Karla, Fritz and I decided to have dinner at Robinsons Midtown. It's around 9pm when we met. We dine at Flapjacks and did some usual chismisan. We planned a sleepover at ate's place after this.

 I like the way flapjacks is. It always feels like morning. I guess they really made it that way since they have this breakfast all day in their menu. The ceiling is full of unique clocks with different figures. I find it really entertaining and useful at the same time.

I love these giant lighted letters on the wall. I want one at my room! haha

 For dinner, Karla is guilty of eating rice since she started going to the gym for weeks now. She had Jack's Apple and Chicken if I am not mistaken. It is served with fries. It looks like a light meal but it is not according to Karla. She was able to eat only one part of the sandwich.
 Ate Aljane ordered Fish Almighty. It's a deep-fried battered dory fish fillet served with Tex-Mex rice and macaroni salad..
 Fritz and I ordered the same dish. The country fried chicken breast is crispy, juicy and is served with Tex-Mex rice and macaroni salad. It is topped with this cream sauce that adds to the flavor of the chicken breast.

For our beverages, Fritz had Strawberry milkshake, ate had bottomless iced tea
Karla chose Apple juice and I had Cranberry juice.
We surely had fun that time, but I find flapjacks' food ordinary. It's just okay but it will surely make your stomach full because they have big serving sizes.
We watched Arthur afterwards. I was pissed because my chair is broken and there is a noisy child inside the cinema. We went to Ate's place afterwards. We went out and burn our time at the sari sari store which was open that late.
No matter how irritating life can be, no matter how common the food is or how stressful some people are, it will always be easy if you have your friends around you:)) I love you friends:))

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