Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Dinner @ Kenny Rogers + Cafe Breton, Trinoma (04.25.11)

After our family gathering at Mimosa Leisure Park and Casino in Clarkfield, Pampanga, I decided to go back early to Manila to have my hair cut. Then me and my friend agreed to watch Diary of a Wimpy Kid 2 that night but unfortunately he was late and I want to go home early since it's the last week of Imortal. We decided to just have dinner before going home. Since almost every shop is closing we just ate at Kenny.
He had this healthy meal of chicken breast with green vegetable salad and mixed fruits for side dish. This is one thing that you can never make me eat:)
I had Fish instead matched with macaroni salad. Then after that meal, I was craving for sweets to brighten up my mood so we went up to check what shops are still open, luckily the first one is Cafe Breton.

I first knew of Cafe Breton because it was featured at Where U At of Myx. I really like the place. Not so modern but it will give you this old countryside feeling.

It is an ideal place to have conversations with your friends and tackle anything and everything under the sun. I like their choice of music plus the warmness that the lights bring.
We just planned to have drinks but their crepes are so tempting so we ordered one to try. We had this one which has nutella and walnut on top. It's so good and I highly recommend this to everyone who goes to Cafe Breton.
 We also ordered Legoise (lee-jwah) an ice blended drink with ice cream, whipped cream and chocolate syrup on top which comes in various flavors. We had caramel and if I'm not mistaken double or dark chocolate.
Cafe Breton is a must try! Very different from those coffee shops that we usually go to!
Go and satisfy yourself with these sweet treats!

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