Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Spotlight: Newbies of DQ, Red Ribbon and KFC

 This entry will talk about the new offerings of known food shops in the metro. It is a usual practice of everyone to try anything  new to their senses especially the taste (except for those who does not like experimenting on foods).

To start of, Dairy Queen's MANGO CHEESECAKE BLIZZARD. It's the newest addition to their famous ice cream collection served upside down. What I like about it is that it's not too sweet and you can really taste the mango flavor which matches well to the cheesecake slices on top. I observed that it is best to order the biggest size (22oz) because it has more toppings and it tastes different from the one which is smaller. This is probably because of the amount of flavored syrup added.
What I hate about this is that once you consumed all the small cheesecake slices, you will not taste the flavor that I desire in this one. I guess you have to divide it equally for the whole cup.

Next is Red Ribbon's CHEESE ROLL. Unlike the one you buy from it's bestfriend Bakeshop, RR's is soft, creamy and you will really know that the cheese is the highlight of this bread. I even became addicted to it right after my first taste. What I hate about it is the small serving size. I wish that there would be a bigger one.

If you are a rice lover, why not try KFC's CHICKEN ALA KING BOWL. The creamy sauce blends perfectly with the coating of the chicken. But what I noticed is that in some branches, it becomes too salty. I prefer this one rather than the Kung Pao because I think the sauce of it overpowers the chicken fillet.

So there you have it, three new variations from different food shops. Go and try them yourselves:)
Happy Eating!

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