Tuesday, April 19, 2011

First time @ Mamang Taho (04.14.11)

It's friday night and I have nothing to do at home so I decided to pursue my plans the day before. After work, I went directly to Mamang Taho. I am curious of what makes it different from other coffee shop and I've noticed that it's starting to increase the number of its customers despite of being located beside Figaro and it is halfway between two Starbucks outlet.
Photo courtesy of Mamang Taho FB
Mamang Taho is a coffee shop situated near UST (Dapitan corner Padre Noval) which opened late last year.

The place is cozy and has a very warm feeling. It is suitable for someone who wants to study, read or just hang out with friends. I saw a couple of students who are reviewing PACOP so they must be pharma students.

Since it's Friday, I can only eat fish so i have to be choosy in matching my beverage with the sandwich
They have Tuna Panini Sandwich which should be served with potato chips. Too bad the chips are not available! But I appreciate that they asked if it was fine with me. I like the way the panini is. Enough to make you taste the Tuna but not too much na "nakaka-umay". I will surely have this again on my next visit. I am hoping that the chips will be available na.

I matched my panini with this strawberry flavored drink. The ice is finely crashed and the flavor is not sweet and not too sour. It's one of the best strawberry flavored drink I've tasted.

Of course my experience will not be complete without me reading The Diary of a Wimpy Kid. I enjoyed my stay and the next thing I knew is that they are about to close. I am looking forward to my next visit. I'm not a taho drinker but since many enjoy what they serve here so I guess it must be really good

One thing that I think will make this place better is for them to have pastas or rice meals since most of their customers are students or working people, it will be beneficial for both the students and the store's profit if they can have supper while reviewing:)

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