Monday, April 4, 2011

Movie Maniac: catch me, i'm in Love!!! Happiest Moment ko!

March 23, Ate Joy and I went to Trinoma to watch the movie of Sarah and Gerald. It's the first day and I am not surprise to know that there are many people in the Cinemas. It's a good thing that I reserved seats for us.
The movie was fun and it made me feel better after that stressful day in the store. 
When the movie ended, we went out to search for a place to eat,, we went back in front of the cinemas and we heard that Sarah is there...
I saw Sarah several times but this time it's very very close. It's a good thing that ate Joy is a super fan and she has the guts to approach Sarah and ask her to have picture with us...

I love this photo! you will see how happy I was during that moment
Ate Joy with her Idol!
Bonus pa! Christian Bautista,, sayang! somebody called her when the photo was taken

a once in a lifetime moment:)

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