Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Lunch @ T.G.I. Fridays, Marquee Mall (04.20.11)

Bless and Karla paid me a visit here in Pampanga yesterday. Our original plan was to meet by 8am but of course a normal scene happening to every gathering is the practice of Filipino time! They arrived at SM Pampanga at around 11am. Our original plan was to go to Lakeshore and do some fun activities there but due to my amnesia on the art of driving, we just went to Marquee Mall to have Lunch. Then we went around to look for a place to eat. Karla was complaining and begging us not to go to a fastfood chain so from many our choices was brought down to two. The other is Filipino Restaurant, but since the last time we went out, we ate on a resto with the same theme, we chose Fridays.

When it comes to place, Fridays is one of my favorite. It's lively, fun and creative. You will see the artistic design from wall to wall.
When it comes to food, Fridays has a wide selection of dishes suited for all ages. They have chicken, pork, beef, sea foods which will surely satisfy your cravings.
We decided to have three dishes of different kinds with the size good for sharing.

Fridays' Shrimp
This is made of battered and butterflied shrimps deep fried until golden brown served with crispy fries and tartar sauce.  It's not too salty and  it's best served while friends are starting a conversation. The tartar sauce is this dish's secret.
Mushroom Chicken and Mushroom
Deep fried chicken topped with mozzarella cheese and mushroom. It's served with buttered corn, mashed potatoes/rice with sour cream sauce. In this dish, every part is a star, especially the corn which we really love.

Filipino Pork Liempo
As the song goes... "tayo'y mga pinoy, tayo'y hindi kano" so even we are dining on a American Resto, we still had this Pinoy flavored liempo. Three pieces of liempo marinated in soy sauce and garlic then grilled served with ensalada and java rice. One noticable thing with this dish is it is hard to cut using a knife but once it's in your mouth, you will be in love with the meat's tenderness. I love the sweetness of the vinegar!

Fruit punches
Orange, Strawberry and Green apple punch to complete our lunch

Here are my good friends Karla and Bless!!!
Fridays is quite costly compared to other resto but since my first visit, they never failed to fill my stomach with good food and provide good customer service:) Kudos TGIF
Till our next visit at T.G.I.Fridays Marquee Mall

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