Sunday, April 17, 2011

Dinner @ Cafe Via Mare with Ludy (04.02.11)

 Last April 2, we had our very first cluster meeting at One E Com in Mall of Asia. It ended at around 7:30 and since it's a Saturday, we expect that our way home will eat the time. Ludy and I decided to have dinner before going home to let time pass and to talk about certain issues.
We texted Chase but she already went home. We were looking for a place to eat and we already walked around the whole area twice but still we cannot decide where to eat since every restaurant is crowded. We went up and we saw Cafe Via Mare...

Cafe Via Mare offers Filipino dishes. From the different pancits to the
Different fish dishes, name it and they have it.

The place is really simple. There is nothing special, just plain chairs and tables.
Good thing the lights are not to bright.

Ludy and I decided to have meat since the day before that is Friday which is a day to abstain from meat.

It's a simple dish of ground beef cooked in sofrito with green peas. It was served with fried egg and fried bananas. So simple but I think it's good compared to the usual that we have.
Okay, the platting is definitely not appealing. It was too plain and no thrill at all. The only good thing about this is the soy sauce. It gives intensity to the meat. Ludy and I even said "friend sana Dapitan na lang tayo" remembering our college years:))
This made my day complete,, I am a buko lover:))
Our dining experience is just okay. Good thing we had fun talking about our personal issues.
STRESSED but always ready for those flashing cameras:)

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