Wednesday, April 20, 2011

MARKY COOKS: Bangus Sisig (04.18.11)

Monday night I was craving for fish so I went down to check what we have. I found some milk fish marinated to be cooked as daing na bangus the following morning. I asked my cousin who is currently staying at our house to chop some onions and boil eggs. I decided to cook Bangus sisig since for days now, I've really want to eat at WOK, a place where me and my college friends eat during our 4th year days.
Bangus Sisig ala Marky
I fried the daing but I was careful not to make it too crispy since I will cook it again as sisig later. Then on a sisig plate, I put on some onions and minute amount of oil. When the onion was done I mixed the bangus flakes with it and seasoned it with Maggi magic sarap, soy sauce, pepper and salt. I served it with sliced eggs and tomatoes:) It's an easy dish but it tastes really good. Try it:))

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