Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Dinner @ Tres with Karla and Bless (04.10.11)

 It's Sunday night after work! Bless, Karla and I decided to see each other and have a good time together. Karla just came from the gym and we waited for Bless to arrive from Bulacan. We then went to Tres to have dinner. 

The place feels really warm and accommodating. The choice of music adds to the relaxing ambiance of the restaurant. 
While ordering Karla did not stop saying that she just went to the gym and now she will eat a lot. They have a variety of Filipino foods to choose from. Some were given a twist which adds excitement to the dining experience.

Fresh Fruit Shakes
A wide selection of fruit shales are available the ripe mango shake is superb!!!
Binagoongang Lechon Kawali
 There are many restaurants nowadays that includes binagoongang lechon kawali in their Menu but what makes Tres' special is the gata used in this dish. It's spicy, creamy and crunchy at the same time. it is our Tres' favorite.
Sizzling Bangus
 As usual the part which everyone desires is the bangus belly! This reminds us of the Bangus sisig we order at Wok near UST. another dish to try!
Beef with Mushroom
I forgot the exact name of this dish but I think one famous saying applicable to this is "sabaw pa lang ulam na"

Garlic Rice
 Good thing that this is a perfect combination to all the dishes we ordered. The three of us decided to have an additional order of rice since we enjoyed the food so much.
These are our happy pictures together after our delightful meal

I love you friends!!!

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