Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Family Dinner @ The Classic Savory Chicken (04.17.11)

Sunday night after work I went home to Pampanga. My parents and my sister heard mass and they decided to pick me up in the mall. After an hour I arrived at SM Pampanga. I was bringing lots of things with me which made it hard for me to go down the bus. We have nothing to do and I am too tired ta walk around so mommy decided to eat na lang. Since I'm in pampanga, there are few options for good food inside the mall (the mall is dominated by fast foods). Mom knows that purgang purga na ako sa fastfood that's why she asked me "san mo gusto david's tea house or sa savory?".I saw that I am nearer to Savory that'swhy I told her Savory na lang.
What's good with The Classic Savory is that their service is fast without sacrificing the quality of the food they serve plus the affordability of their dishes.

Buttered Chicken
This is chicken fried in butter served with vinegar with onions. The saltiness of the chicken and the sourness of the vinegar is a perfect match, not to mention the crispiness of the breading they used in the chicken.
Fried Dumplings
 What makes Savory's Dumplings good is that you will see that they use real meat inside and less of the fatty parts. It is not the traditional one served with toyomansi but they have sour cream sauce as the dip for this appetizer.
Savory's Fried Chicken
This is their house specialty! Of course your visit will not be complete without having this on your table.
Sweet and Sour Pork
When visiting any Chinese Restaurant, this is always present on our to order list! It's a family favorite and it's a play safe order.
Miki Bihon Pancit Binondo
I am not a Pancit lover, but it's a different case when you're talking about this pancit of Savory! It's the only pancit I can consume in big amounts!!!
Savory Tropical Cooler and Savory Blended Iced Tea
For our beverages, we had this two Savory favorites!!! Yes they're the usual four seasons and iced tea but they were given the Savory blend

Till our next visit @ the Classic Savory:))

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