Friday, April 8, 2011

Dinner @ Joey Pepperoni with ludy and ate aljane (03.29.11)

Tuesday night, ate aljane, Ludy and I decided to meet at MOA to have dinner together since ate just came back from Tacloban and Ludy just finished having their Pcount in her branch. I came back to Manila just in time for me to arrive at MOA at the set time. I met ate at Mamang Taho and we went to LRT for us to reach the place faster since it's Quiapo Day. We went around Moa for several times until we found Joey Pepperoni.

Ate Aljane diverted her hunger to the games printed on the paper mats at Joey Pepperoni. I felt so cold that I decided to move the windows of the air conditioner but what happened next is really unexpected. I fell down the chair and screamed loudly out of shock. Hahaha. Then I was laughing out of shame the whole time. Good thing the food came few minutes after that disastrous event.

CARBONARA: Made with creamy alfredo sauce, bacon bits and parmesan cheese.
CHICKEN PARMIGIANA: Pomodoro sauce topped with deep fried
chicken fillet and melted mozzarella cheese
White cheese pizza: very yummy!!! my choice for pizza

LASAGNE ALLA BOLOGNESE: Layers of lasagna sheets filled with bolognese and bechamel sauce topped with mozzarella and parmesan cheese
Nothing beats the reunion of good old friends... literal po iyan,,, 
ako ang good,, 
si ate ang old,, 
si ludy si friend! hahaha


  1. my sister loves Joey Pepperoni!

  2. haha:) I only ate there once. But I am definitely looking forward on trying their other pastas and pizzas!