Sunday, April 17, 2011

Dinner @ Pancake House with Ludy (04.07.11)

First day ng Antibiotics Compliance Training namin sa Ritemed  in Ortigas. It was a day for learning and fun but I had a hard time going to the area since taxi drivers usually decline once they know na Ortigas ang pupuntahan ko sa umaga. Ludy and I did not eat our mirienda so we were already starving when the session ended. We went to Robinsons Galleria to eat. As usual, we went up and down back and forth just to find a place to eat. There are many options but since we are very hungry, we played safe and chose one of our favorites, PANCAKE HOUSE:)
The place is better compared to other Pancake Houses I've visited before. It's not crowded and still it has that bright sunny day feeling plus the movie posters: ) 
The waiter served our drinks first which gave us the time to share our insights regarding our new advocacy in Antibiotics Compliance. We also talked about our friends(we miss you guys) who are busy with their respective works.

Since we are very hungry, Ludy and I decided to have a rice meal and to share a pasta:))

I ordered my Pancake house favorite even if I told Ludy "Purgang purga nako sa mc chicken, chicken joy at kfc chicken" that's why she asked me "chicken na naman?"
Ludy had beef (as always,, even during our big martha days)
Then we shared with the white pasta dish... and yeah very contradictory to our skin tone:)) hehe
It's one of my favorite carbonara...
Ludy and I enjoyed our dining experience. The crew is very friendly, efficient and quick.
Rob Galleria's is one of the best branches to visit.

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