Monday, April 18, 2011

Dinner @ Kenny Rogers Roasters with Ludy (04.08.11)

Okay, define super hungry and craving for good food then you'll end up disappointed... I experienced it at Kenny Rogers in Rob Galleria. We were having a hard time looking for a good place to eat since first it's a friday and second, it's salary day. All restaurants are almost full. It's not that long since I last ate in Kenny and honestly I enjoy their roasted chicken plus the yummy variations of side dishes.
the place is not that clean unlike other branches where I usually go (San Lazaro and Trinoma)
the tables are not balanced and the couches are worn out
Ludy's order
My order
I was surprise when our orders were served! It's not the usualchicken plus rice on the plate plus a side dishes on a separate bowl.. I am also surprise to notice that my rice is plain because the cashier did not asked me what type of rice will I order. Yes I understand that ingredients are costly nowadays, but there are things that a food chain should not sacrifice. The chicken itself is almost tasteless. I ended full but still craving for something good to eat.
Creme Brulee

Ludy and I ordered the same dessert. Creme Brulee! It's just a plain dessert nothing special. When we finished eating we immediately went searching for another place to satisfy our cravings.

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