Sunday, March 27, 2011

Dinner @ KKK Food Revolution + Red Riding Hood (03.18.11)

It was Friday night and I just came from Pampanga.. Brijette and I planned to go out with Dizon. Thinking that Dizon is working at St.Luke's at Global City, I texted them that the meeting place will be in MOA. I was surprised to find out that she works in Quezon City so we where saying na "Sana Trinoma na lang" hahaha
Brijetter was craving for Kare-Kare that time and she wants to eat at Kanin Club. I looked for something similar since there is no Kanin Club at MOA. We went to KKK Food Revolution! I was hesitant to eat meat that day since I am practicing abstinence as my yearly sacrifice for Lent. But since we do this seldomly, I agreed to participate in this food trip!

The place is well lighted and have a very warm atmosphere
The nipa walls are interesting especially since it is inside a mall
To satisfy Brijette's craving, we ordered KareKareng Baka,,, The beef is soft and tender. The flavor is okay but what I did not like is it has few meat and is mostly composed of "twalya"
The KareKare is served with their spicy Bagoong
We ordered a very Pinoy rice... the Sinangag sa Tinapa at Itlog na Maalat. It is like having ulam at kanin in one! Even Dizon who is not eating Itlog na Maalat likes it.
This is Garlic Pusit... a perfect choice especially this Lenten season for people who are abstaining from meat. The squid is not hard to eat and the sauce of the dish is also good 
We also ordered a Pork dish which became our favorite.. the Binagoongang Lechon Kawali. it is not too salty  and it is very delicious. I will keep coming back at KKK for this one!!! It's a must try!
Of course, to feel the food revolution even more, we have our very Pinoy drinks Sago't Gulaman!!!

We were very victorious with our food revolution for dinner. We had good food for a price that will not make you cry!!! We shared stories and had picture taken. Too bad Brijette lost her atm that time.We went to the cinemas after that and I can say we had DESSERT:) haha watch Red Riding Hood to know what I mean!!!
One Hot Movie!


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  2. i don't know if that's possible :( i just made a blog and i did not plan to make a site for food alone