Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Sweet Temptation: Ice CreaManiac

Hi everyone! I don't know what happened to my addiction to cakes lately, it just vanished (for the mean time I guess). But my sweet tooth is not on leave. I am very much into ice creams lately and in my opinion, I should panic now for the rapid increase of calorie intake!!! hahaha

It started one night when I was looking for a vanilla ice cream for a dessert that I made. I saw this Caramel Cheesecake from Selecta Gold label. I was very interested with the flavor since I am a cheesecake lover. I think combining it with caramel is a perfect idea. The next day, I went to the supermarket to buy a small cup of the said ice cream. I did enjoy that sinful cup so much that I bought another one when evening came.

Two days after, I went to buy another cup when I saw this blueberry cheesecake ice cream from Arce Dairy. I remembered Karla having this when they went to Pampanga to visit me last Holy Week.

I love the taste, the color and the consistency of this Arce ice cream. It was fun to eat and i feel like eating a bubble gum flavored one.
I am looking forward to trying other flavors soon. One professor from college told us that if we want to have the old Selecta ice cream, we should buy Arce because they have the old recipe of Selecta.

Then, one lunch break, I went to the supermarket again searching for ice cream and fruits. I really want to buy a whole tab but the time did not allow me to. So I satisfied myself with a small cup again. This time, I tried Belgian Chocolate Bliss. I did not like it like the way I like the previous ones. I am not really into chocolate flavored ice creams. I find nothing special with this one but it's just okay.

 One night, I was browsing the internet when I saw a site featuring this Limited Edition ice cream, Magnolia's Apple Strudel. I am enjoying apple stuffs lately. Not to mention that this reminds of my not-so-favorite subject in college because I am not good at it. 
 I like the mixture of sweetness and sourness in this flavor. It's not usual to have this flavor here in the Philippines. It has apple flavored syrup in red and green, cinnamon bits and crushed chocolate pretzels. This was actually a limited flavor last Christmas. Good thing it's still available up to now.
I served this Apple Strudel my own way to my sister. I added some freshly cooked apple bits and chocolate pretzels on top to add to its attractiveness.

I am set to try other flavors soon. I even go to ice cream parlors with friends because of my addiction lately. I am also planning to make desserts out of the ice creams being bought in the market. Will you give me a cup of ice cream as your treat? hehe just kdding


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  2. Favorite ko yang apple strudel!!!

  3. dahil idol po kita bibigyan kita pag nakasalubong po kita:)) hahaha