Sunday, July 3, 2011

Cheesy Night with Jops: Sbarro + Forever and a Day:))

Last June 18, we had our cluster meeting for the Manila Area under MMD. So it was a fun experience while working because we share our different insights regarding certain events and issues happening. The thing which stressed us is the weather. It's raining hard so I wasn't able to ride the LRT going to my pre-planned activity after the meeting. I went to see Seven at T&J at North Edsa and have a haircut. After few minutes it was done. I crossed to Trinoma and texted Jops to join me. Luckily she's available that time. We were suppose to watch Green Lantern at Resorts World that time but since the weather is not in the mood, we decided to watch at Trinoma. We purchased our tickets and then, looked for something to eat.
Since it's Sunday and it's almost 8:30, we do not that much option on where to eat since some are preparing to close. We agreed to have Sbarro for dinner and they only have few available choices.

As always, I had raspberry juice as my beverage. It's my all time favorite drink at Sbarro..
There were only two pizza flavors available that time. This is Supreme Pan which went to Jops (and partially to me) I like the way it was cooked that time. It's crispy and there are lots of flavors coming out and felt by my tongue that time.
This was my pizza, Meat Delight. It's okay but I want it better if it's more crispy and cooked very well. 
I had Baked Ziti with Chicken Parmigiana... This was my first time to have this since they don't have spaghetti pasta that time. It's just okay. Ziti with toppings:)
Baked ziti for jops. She already ate that time ata before leaving the office.
For dessert, I chose to have blueberry cheesecake. It's good and I really like it. Being a cheesecake lover, I also want to try their cherry cheesecake and the other one which has both blueberry and cherry.
Here's jops in one of her usual looks:) joke,, this is stolen of course
After that, we watched Sam and KC's movie, Forever and a Day... It's a story about a dying girl who is out to conquer her fears before her life ends. It's a story of optimism, appreciation and hope. I like the way they showed the beauty of Cagayan de Oro. It made me realized that the quality of life is not about how long it has been, but how well you spent it.

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