Friday, July 8, 2011

Lety's Espasol

Pabalik na ako ng Manila when daddy gave me this box given by his friend who just came from Laguna.
I was attracted with the colors and design of the box which obviously has espasol in it.

Naisip ko lang, milagro ata walang nakasulat na "special" hindi gaya nung iba na special "kuno" kahit mukhang binalot ng dyaryo ang packaging. Unlike this one na masasabi kong box palang PAK na PAK na!
I was surprised to see what's inside. unlike the usual espasol, it's rounded. The usual one is covered in a oslo paper with a lot (as in a lot) of powdered milk. But this one has just enough so you won't experience having coughing  while eating it.
When it comes to the taste, I don't think there's any difference with the others. Only that you will appreciate the "kakanin" itself than the powdered milk.


  1. ang cute nung box, nakakainganyang bumili..haha

  2. @MOTS, oo malaki talaga

    @MARK, hahaha pag bumili ka bilhan mko:)) hahaha