Thursday, July 7, 2011

Sunday Night with my Family @ Tempura Japanese Grill

The first Sunday of July was my busiest one so far. I fixed all the necessary permits needed by the store, made some reports and went to the promo cascade at Manila Mall 092. I was horrified by the sudden fall of hard rain. I did not bring any umbrella with me that time so It seemed like I just came from a swimming pool... I went home to Pampanga afterwards and met my family at SM City Pampanga. They were buying clothes that time and I am convincing them to eat because I was starving.
We were supposed to dine at David's Tea House but the waiter said that they were about to close and they are not accepting customers already. We walked to building 4 and we passed by Tempura Japanese Grill and daddy decided to eat there.
The waitress happily welcomed us and she listed down our orders. She kept on offering us different beverages but afterwards she told us that our order is not available for three times. Our dinner was serve on time, but we were supposed to have additional orders but the waitress told us that they already closed their ordering system so we were left having foods that left us GUTOM!

Everything was okay from food to costs. We ordered the house favorites and those that we like from our last visit.
Here is a favorite of my sister
Pork Tonkatsu with Apple Cedar sauce,, this is one of my personal favorites.
Tori Teriyaki
Ebi Tempura for everyone! This is my brother's favorite especially when dipped into vinegar... hahaha
Baby Back Ribs Teriyaki
This is my favorite! The taste is good and very satisfying.. But I guess I was craving for a bigger packaging.

I was just pissed by the waitress that night. We were so hungry but the waitress list down our orders already and in no time they served us our choices. We were supposed to have additional orders but they told us that it can't be done anymore. I told her in a respectful way that next time she should advise the customers if they will close their ordering system for last orders like the way they do in other restaurants. She seemed apologetic so I said it's just okay. I can't stand making a lady cry in front of many. We still felt starving after consuming all of those, probably because we were expecting more. 

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