Monday, July 4, 2011

Guilt Free with California Berry

Last June 30, I was loaned at our Mezza Residences Branch in Sta. Mesa. During my break, I was supposed to have coffee at Starbucks but I was surprise that the place is full on a lunch time. Mostly were students and foreigners. So to save myself from being irritated from the conyo ways some people talk, I decided to move to nearby stalls. I found California Berry.
I am a fan of Frozen Yogurt, but this is the first time I tried California Berry. I usually go to White Hat or Red Mango. They say that they are the only one who guarantees 100% non fat yogurt in the country, others contains at least 2 %. 
I was supposed to have their best seller composed of Strawberries, Mango and Kiwi. But sadly, there were no available strawberries that time so I ended up with the following (photos of fruits courtesy of their site)

 One of the major thing that I noticed is the coolness of their logo. I find it more playful than others. For me it gives an impact since it's the first thing which you as a customer see. So the more attractive the logo is, the more you will be pushed to try a certain product.

So, I sat there and called mom which is a habit of mine since I started working. I usually call her after I finished my lunch. Then I surfed the net and checked some updates. After about 30 minutes I decided to go back to work:) There is nothing different with their Yogurt. But if it is the only non fat yogurt, then I will be in favor of this since you get the same quality for a healthier dessert. The large tab costs 155.00 php which is quite cheaper than others. So you get more benefits for less value:) Till next time california berry!

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