Monday, July 4, 2011

Craving for Greenwich Pizza

Since Stephanie bought pizza for us as her birthday treat, I became addicted to the taste of Greenwich thin crust pizza. Sunday night after our YakiMix dinner, I was asking ate to go with me at Greenwich Morayta but too bad when we came, it was already closed. So the following day, I went to see and support my friends, afterwards, I went to the mall to buy ingredients for my Sweet and Sinless attempt. Then I asked ate to have mirienda with me at Greenwich in SM San Lazaro.
As usual, I had Carbonara. It's just weird that this is the first time that the pasta was very dry. I did not like it that much unlike when I eat it for lunch near our branch.
To satisfy my cravings, we has this Five Star Bacon Burger Melt Overloaded Pizza in thin crust. It was damn good! I want more... moreee... and moooorrrreeeeeee!!! I will definitely try another one one of these days since my move for satisfaction did not work out,, it worsened because I am craving for more:))

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