Saturday, July 16, 2011

Suman from Cabalantian,Pampanga

It's my rest day when our helper woke me up at round 9am. I listened to the radio before I went downstairs to eat breakfast. Then, Daddy came bringing me some suman which he got from Cabalantian, a small town in Bacolor which is known for having many delicious "kakanins" or Filipino delicacies made of different types of rice.
I thought there's nothing special with this one , but when I tastes it, grabeeeee iba nga ang lasa! It's delicious and it will make you want moreee... I ate all of the suman daddy brought home. I gave my sister one piece! hahaha selfish ba? 
I will ask daddy to buy us more when I go home on Wednesday:)) But for now I will just satisfy myself with the pictures:)) lol

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