Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Mirienda @ Forest House Bistro & Cafe, Baguio City (01.21.11)

After our walk along session road and visit in Baguio Cathedral, we decided to eat mirienda before going home. We have two in mind. 50's Diner or Forest House? Then we ended choosing Forest House Bistro and Cafe, located at Loakan Road near Session Road. The place is like an old cabin and I love the coziness it have. When we entered the place, we don't want to get out due to fascination with the interior of the restaurant. If you will look at the way they arranged the place, you will think that dining in there is too expensive, but to our surprise it's very affordable!
THE PLACE: 5.0 / 5.0

Since we're still full, we decided to have short orders. Both of us like Fettuccini Carbonara (230.00 php) so even if we're not sure if it tastes good we ordered the same pasta... we also shared on a Flame Broiled Forest House Burger (175.00php)

the best carbonara I've tasted in a restaurant!!! 
It made me want to stay there even just for a week!!! hehe

well, not the best BUT definitely a must try! it has a unique taste,, 
only i wanted it to be toasted a little more 
plus the chips would be better if freshly made:)

Bottomless iced tea to complete the meal!!!

After the meal we decided to stay a little longer to burn time.. we enjoyed the relaxing scenery from the balcony in which you can also dine if you want to(a perfect location for valentines) 

then we stayed inside and it really feels like home:)) the great interior of the place is a big factor for you to enjoy your dining experience in Forest House!!!


the next time I visit Baguio, I will surely return to this place!!!


  1. yes mark food critic ka na???

  2. nkktwa si ate aljane! haha

  3. hindi naman,, mejo lang,, sayang kasi halos araw araw din namang kumakain,, si ate ayaw umalis,, tinatapos yung buong dyaryo