Sunday, January 16, 2011

Dinner @ aVeneto Pizzeria Ristorante (01.15.11)

Since I'm used to going home late, it's weird for me to go home directly after an opening shift so I decided to text Chona and I asked where in heaven is she.. She told me she was in Avida so I told her to meet me at SM San Lazaro after an hour.. I texted Ate Aljane and luckily she replied,, I picked her up and went to SM SanLa.. and pooooofffff! it was an instant reunion for us...

I was very hungry so I asked them where do they want to eat.. I told them NO FAST FOOD PLEASE! Sawang-sawa na kasi ako! haha.. Few minutes later, I decided to go to Aveneto since there are limited choices of good food at SM SanLa...

We decided to have pasta, a pizza and an appetizer... As usual I love white sauce on pasta.. I picked it by reading its ingredients since I don't eat vegetables.. I am a meat lover!!! We had Carbonara Pasta with Chicken... The serving was enough for the three of us.. very affordable (P315.00)yet satisfying

Ate Aljane chose the pizza.. she picked Bacon cheeseburger pie.. since it was long ago when we last went there, we forgot how big their servings are. We ordered the medium size(14'') for only P360.00... It was very tasty and friendly for us who don't want greens on their food!

Thinking that the food won't be enough for us, we decided to add Chicken wings. An order is composed of 6 and it was very affordable(P170.00)... It was the cheapest order but I can say that it was the one which completed my night! It's a must try and something that will make you want more

Nothing beats the company of old friends... but of course the food you will eat will make you happier!!! I am very satisfied with the service, food and value of aVPR... I will surely return and try other stuffs


  1. 3 lng kayo? naubos niyo yung pizza?

  2. Wow kitang kita ang font mo sa kulay! Gusto mo ba basahin ng tao ang blog mo or nang-gagago ka lang?