Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Dinner @ Italianni's Gateway Mall (01.16.11)

It's Sunday night and I have nothing to do... I miss my boo and since I went home early, I rested for an hour or so and went to Cubao to have dinner... That time I want a "real" meal! I chose to dine at Italianni's since I 've tried their dishes and they were really satisfying.. Another thing is that I want a place where we can talk without all those loud sounds coming from everywhere... I love the cozy feeling of the restaurant

In any Italianni's branch, they will give you bread while waiting for your order... Actually during the first time I ate here, it is the one which I liked most. The bread really matches the oil and vinegar...
My firend and I decided to order rice meals that night since we are really starving... I picked Herb Roast Chicken and it's very flavorful! I don't know why it tasted different everytime, during the first bite I can taste rosemary, then lemon etc... I was very satisfied with my meal, I only ordered the spring size but it's more than enough for one person,,, I just don't like the gravy because it's too plain and it's not something you will remember

My friend ordered Roast Pork Ribs Italian style. The meat was really juicy and tender. I can say that he enjoyed it since he ordered an extra rice. (hehehe)

Another thing I love about Italianni's is their fruit shake... this time I ordered Four seasons and it was good like the other flavors I had before..

The service was fast and they crew was really attentive and accommodating. Of course if you are paying for service charge, it is really important that they will serve you properly... 
We are happy with our experience at gateway branch. Actually we already set a date for our next dining experience at Italianni's Gateway Mall

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