Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Dessert @ T.G.I.Fridays Mall of Asia (01.17.11)

After eating at Bigby's I told Brijette that I am really craving for mud pie. Since I am still celebrating my month-long birthday(parang artista lang) it would be my treat for her. She said yes even tough she was very full that time.
I've been to Fridays several times and I must say that it is one of my favorites when it comes to the aura and ambiance of the place. Very modern yet inviting and cozy.

PLACE: 5.0 / 5.0

I was determined to order mud pie but  I saw that they have Brownie Obsession, freshly baked chocolate brownie topped with vanilla ice cream... plus chocolate syrup, sprinkles, etc.... OOOOWWWWWW so perfect,, Hot and cold baby! One of my unforgettable desserts


Brijette likes to have Oreo Madness. It is made of giant oreo cookies sandwiched around vanilla ice cream and topped with chocolate and caramel sauce., Brijette said that the good thing about this dessert is "hindi sya nakaka-umay" For me it's like having cookies and cream ice cream with a twist.

OREO MADNESS: 4.5 / 5.0

This is a very memorable night for me,, meeting a good friend and sharing the experiences after college is a very nice way of relieving stress! We enjoyed eating and we agreed to do this again!!!
look how happy we are

we went to Papa Jack of Love Radio that night! Another first with Brijette,, We are laughing like there's no tomorrow during the air time


  1. Thanks for dropping by Mark. It's so nice to meet you and Belated Happy Birthday!

  2. thank you:)) i hope to read more of your posts in the future:)

  3. date niyo? yihee!!

  4. good am, i just want to inquir if the job opening for waiting table is is still available?