Sunday, January 23, 2011

Lunch @ Cafe' by the Ruins, Baguio City (01.21.11)

The day before we went to Baguio, I searched for restaurants which has nice ambiance and good food based from the reviews on the internet. Two caught my attention! One of them is Cafe' by the Ruins located at Chuntug St. near Session Road...

The concept of the restaurant is really nice... They intended to create a feeling that you are in a very old place.. the decors are native, tables and chairs are different from one another, vintage kitchen utensils, etc...  As if they want to say "you are eating in Baguio City". The only thing which bothered me are the falling leaves and sometimes insects from the trees due to the wind and rain. Well you have a choice whether to eat inside or be one with nature on the open area

THE PLACE: 4.8 / 5.0 (they should do something to avoid those creatures fallingesp. on your food)

I ordered an original dish that they have, Baguio Bagnet and Padas Bagoong for only 265.00 php. The dish is an regional specialty of fried pork cubes to be dipped in "sawsawan of padas" and dayap juice. It is served with sidings of tomatoes and shallots. I can say that they pork is ordinary, but the combination of padas made it a WOW! The small fish bagoong (Padas) gives a kick to the dish making you want more of it

Ate ordered Spicy Bangus(250.00 php), a boneless milkfish baked in oil and spices. Well it's the common daing ombined with brown rice. The bangus is crispy and served with vinegar and atchara. It is perfect especially for breakfast and for those who loves bangus belly!!!
SPICY BANGUS: 4.0 / 5.0

Mia wanted something to make her feel warm so she ordered Sinigang na Malaga with shrimps (250.00 php)... Well we thought that the sinigang is only made of shrimps. To our surprise, when the shrimp was gone we found the Malaga fish at the bottom..  the meat of the fish is not common. It is something that guest must try when they visit here

for our beverage, we chose iced tea which was served in a unique way. The iced tea is not sweet. You have to mix the honey first for it to have taste. This is good expecially for those who have diabetes

Cafe' by the Ruins gave us an almost perfect Lunch at our stay if not because of those insects,, haha it is a must try for all those who visit Baguio...

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