Saturday, March 5, 2011

Vday @ Greenbelt 3: NYFD, The Black Swan, Bubba Gump

It's Vday and it's Jharon's 21st Birthday.. so after fixing my retainers I went to him at gateway and we had a hard time going to Greenbelt since no taxi wants to give us a ride... As always he never considered MRT as a way of transportation (hehe arte much!) So we had no choice but to ride the bus... We went to Greenbelt 3 to claim our reserved seats for Black Swan then he treated me @ NYFD for snacks which I guess is heavy enough to be called dinner! I gave him a small cake from Bread Talk which looks like him when smiling.         

As always, nothing can beat NYFD when it comes to fries! It was superb especially with my favorite Garlic Parmesan. I ordered their signature sandwich NYFD Bacon N' Cheese Burger which I think is perfectly served that time. Of course it won't be complete without the strawberry juice!!!

On the other hand, he ordered Bacon Cheesedog which is more than enough to be called supper according to him.

Then he wants some jelly beans from the candy station just beside the NYFD stall so I went there to have some and I have lots of funny experiences during that time.

Then we went to see the advance screening of the much talked about film of the year- The Black Swan... It was an awesome movie and the performance of Portman was outstanding! 
After the movie, we walked then walked and walked again then we decided to eat at Bubba Gump but we were still full because of the snacks we had @ NYFD so I only ordered pasta and he got some dessert since we was not able to eat all of his food before the movie

the place is cool and full of vintage designs that has a theme of a cabin found beside a lake

I was not able to eat the pasta since I already feel like vomiting plus we had a small fight that time. But the one I ordered, OF COURSE WE HAVE SCAMPI taste really good!!! The power of the shrimp was given emphasis... I forgot what my drink is but It's really lovely!!! I think it's JENNY'S FAVORITE

and lastly, it won't be a birthday without the blowing of the cake!!!

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