Thursday, February 17, 2011

Dinner @ MESA, Greenbelt 5 + Burlesque (02.05.11)

Saturday night and I went out with my girlfriends:)
Deah and I met at UST while Tracy and Patty went directly to GB
We claimed our reserved movie tickets and I even saw chug who just arrived that time

We walked and walked searching for food and I was really starving that time since I just came from work. Deah suggested to go to GB5 and so we did. We agreed to dine at Mesa. We chose one dish per category except vegetables! haha,, but one thing is sure! we will have binagoongan!

very flavorful! One if the few Marlin dishes that I would like to remember

a must try!!! there is something special about this dish and it suits the famous Filipino line
"sarsa pa lang ulam na"
very powerful

this is my favorite,, not only that I'm a meat lover but I like the combination of flavors
it's not the usual binagoongan that you eat,, there's a kick in it

meeting friends is the happiest vice that I have:))
I love them so much! We spent an hours chatting and chatting
it's a night of laughter for the four of us

bow down to cher and cristina!
i'm an instant fan,, LSS mode after the movie,,, I wanna see it again

show me how you burlesque!!!

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