Sunday, March 27, 2011

Lunch @ Goldilocks...late appreciation (03.06.11)

When I was in college, I tried eating at Goldilocks inside the campus and I never attempted eating there again since the food is already prepared and it was just heated in the microwave oven.
One Sunday, a new store supervisor came and I oriented her with the different things about the store. It was 2 in the afternoon when we decided to have lunch around Tutuban and we have few options that time. Since I am not being satisfied with my daily meals at everyone's favorite fast foods I just said yes when she told me "Tara Goldilocks na lang"
I was shocked because for someone so thin, her appetite is BIG

She ordered the following

Pancit Guisado
She also ordered rice because according to her, she had a hard time going there from Novaliches. I too was very hungry that time and the food in front of the counter made me crave. I was surprised to know that they prepare food there unlike other branches. And since the food was very affordable, I was attracted to buy all that food that I want hahaha:)) Gluttony strikes!

Lumpiang Shanghai
Baked Macaroni
Pineapple Juice
I was really full after that food trip! It was one of the best Lunch Break at work! Now I know why many are saying that food there taste good:) Now I appreciate the simplicity of Pinoy Food served by Goldilocks...
As they say, Better late than never!

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