Thursday, February 17, 2011

Birthday Celebration @ Racks, Mall of Asia (01.28.11)

It's the day for the grand celebration of UST @ 400...
Me and my college friends decided to meet... we took the chance to celebrate my birthday as well as jehanne's! Since there are lots of people within the campus, we went to MOA to have dinner...

We had a hard time choosing where to eat since it's friday night and there are many people in the mall.
Then we went to Racks and reserve some seats while waiting for the others... 
The lady at the entrance asked us if we want to dine inside of if we would like to stay outside... we told her that we want a place inside then she said that we should wait for a while..
when the others came we decided to take a seat at the table outside because we are 15 in number and we are blocking the way,, i lost my temper when i noticed that there are already about 4 who came after us who got their seats first,, the lady told us that they will not get us seats because we occupied one outside. I told her that should not be since we went on that spot for us not to block the way while they can't give us a table... i decided to take the one outside so as not to ruin the night...

what's nice about Racks is that they have Platters for big groups,, We had Beef Ribs and Ribs and Chicken Platter

The fish and chips is good... It's not dry and doesn't have an after taste
The bread is also tasty and not that hard unlike others which is favorable for me since i still have braces that time

The pasta is great! I love it... SAKTO is the word which best suits it
We ordered another one since we felt that there is famine that time:)

The BBQs are to die for! so soft and tender:) I enjoyed it as well as my friends.. the sauce is a perfect match to any BBQ that they serve

we also enjoyed the different side dishes that were included in the platter
but the mashed potato is not that good and a little dry

Look at our happy faces!!!
I hope to see you all soon:)

We miss you Bless!
Ikaw na Geline ang may jowa! hahaha

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