Monday, February 7, 2011

Breakfast @ The Sicilian Express (01.27.11)

Andrea and I decided to meet at UST a day before the Q Celebration! I came to buy the 200 peso bill with the UST @ 400 logo but it was no longer available. I asked Deah to have breakfast with me at The Sicilian Express, Dapitan. I was really craving for  pasta since last night. We were not sure if it's open because it's too early... Luckily they were!
Deah had a solo order of Seafood Marinara (140.00). What I love about Sicilian is the generosity when it comes to the sauce!

As always, I had Carbonara (130.00). I really love the creaminess of the sauce matched with the perfectly cooked pasta! I lililililililili love it!
We also ordered Chicken wings (180.00). 4 pieces of spicy wings served with sour creme dip. It was the first time we ordered this and I must say that it's a discovery! Deah likes it as well... I was surprised that she finished hers first:))

We went back to UST after that to meet Zoe! Deah treated us at the Krispy Kreme booth near the UST field. They joined me roaming around the campus while I am waiting for the time of my shift. I miss my friends so much!

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