Monday, June 20, 2011

Dinner @ The Real Thing Diner

One night, Ate Aljane agreed to go with me to Tender Bob's to eat steak... We went to SM North Edsa, The Block after my work and Mia, her sister, joined us. When we got there, the mall is about to close. Ang funny na nakakabwisit kasi the lady receptionist, in full smile, happily greeted us good evening followed by sorry closed na po,, I don't know if natutuwa sya o ano.. hahaha.. anyway, we went out of the mall since all the others are closing as well. We went to Tomas Morato and find a place para mairaos ang paghihikahos ng aming kalamnan! Chos!
We went to Terrazzo to check Banapple but the placed is crowded. Then something caught our attention, it's a place of red and white, it's named The Real Thing Diner. We went to check the menu and the lady in grass skirt(I think she is one of the owners or so) greeted us delightedly and asked us what aare we looking for. So we went in and ordered.
The Real Thing Diner features dishes which includes Coca Cola Products. The place is full of Coca Cola collectibles and the color is a war between red and white. 
They have nice music which is matched with the place's ambiance. The staff is attentive and courteous.
Since the famous dishes here have Coca cola products with them, we decided to have iced tea for our beverages.

We ordered a platter composed of their signature dishes. It has Coca-cola Baby Back Ribs, Tru-orange Porkchop and Eight O'clock Chicken. Among the three, Tru-orange porkchop is my favorite. These are really must try dishes when you go here!
We were so full already but our order of their Shrimp & Zucchini Linguini was served. It's quite good but there are portions that are too salty. I guessed I should have mixed it well on a bigger plate. Reminder, it is better to eat it at once when served.
For our desserts, I had Happily Appley, Swedish apple pie, served a la mode
Mia got, Choc a la mode, it's a warm chocolate cake served with vanilla ice cream
Ate Aljane chose to have their Sundae composed of vanilla, strawberry and chocolate, accompanied by coca-cola syrup and topped with cherry
The food here is good and the price is very reasonable. One thing that I did not like is that the crew seemed to rush us when it was almost 11pm. I suggest you have to come early if you don't want to be in a hurry:)

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  1. I also wanna go there! kaya lang I don't have the time...