Thursday, June 2, 2011

Dinner @ The Kitchen with Tracy and Andrea (05.25.11)

Since Tracy will be leaving the Metro that coming weekend, Deah who just came to Manila from all her commitments in Batangas planned a small dinner-out for the three of us.First, the plan was at Trinoma then I requested for us to meet at Greenbelt, then they agreed. We met at GB3 and since the two of them waited for me, they were really hungry that time. We directly headed The Kitchen besides Seattle's Best.
It's not my first time to go to Kitchen, but every time I go there, the place is always filled especially with young professionals. The venue is very warm and accommodating to it's customers. They have very good services because the waiters are fast and efficient.

While waiting for our orders, we decided to take our pictures since it will be long before our next meet-up.
I suddenly missed our fun times when we are in college.
Our fruit shakes were the one served first. I just love the way my four season fruit shake is. I enjoyed the smooth crushed ice melting inside my mouth.
I ordered WHITE BAY PASTA, it's a creamy pasta with mushrooms and is served with a toasted bread. It's no wonder that this one is among the Kitchen's must try in their menu.
Andrea's choice is another worth trying dish. She had SALMON SAYS.It's salmon head cooked in misu garnished with fresh vegetables. I love the way the salmon tastes. It's full of flavor, so juicy and has a very unique taste.
Tracy had this sinigang-type of dish with a big fish part. I love the hotness of its "sabaw". 
We also had a free dessert called GOING BANANAS. It's a banana-filled pie on a crushed graham crust with butterscotch
ALIW is the word that I will always use for the house water of Kitchen:)
It looks cool but the taste made me think that I am drinking green tea.
I will surely miss my superfriends
Tracy will go back to Roxas 
Andrea will soon be busy with her 2nd year at UST Med
as for me, I am always busy... but I do find ways to revive my social life:))

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