Sunday, June 26, 2011

Dinner @ Tender Bob's, The Block

After our medical mission at North Harbour, I went home with Jeremy of Manila Mall 2... I left my things and went to Ate Aljane's place to see her and Fritz.. dahil nga naunsyame ang last week ko pang plano ay isinakatuparan ko ito ngayon... We went to SM North Edsa as fast as we can since napagsarhan kami last week nung babaeng mukhang tuwang tuwa pa nung sinabi samin na sarado na sila,,, hahaha
Hindi nakasama ang butihing si Mia sapagkat sya ay nag-aaral at kakabalik lang ng kanyang braces...
Tender Bob's is a American themed steak house which offers not only steaks but burgers, pastas, salads, sandwiches and a lot more. The place looks like a ranch but with a modern feeling. What I noticed is that the one being shown in the screen is not related to the sound at all... It bothers ate a lot...
The staff is attentive, but what irritates me is that I'm having a hard time to decide what to order, not because I don't like the food but because the waitress keeps on pressuring us and she did not gave us ample time to scan the menu. 
The place is full of people of all ages... from children up to our grannies, they surely have something good to offer to them.
The bitchy waitress served our drinks first.. There is nothing special when it comes to their iced tea and lemonade. But I really appreciate their attentiveness to refill our glasses even if we are not asking for it.
For our appetizer, we had Chicken Tenders. We prefer to have the original recipe rather than the Buffalo style. The tenders are good plus the fries are to die for!!! I love it
The chicken is juicy and not dry. I love the dip for the fingers:))
This is Fritz' order, Chicken Steak since he does not eat beef.

This is mine, US Short Ribs. The sauce is really good and gives this dish a different flavor. It reminds me of the one that mom used to cook when I'm home. WAPAK NA WAPAK! try this one
Ate chose Grilled Chicken with Spinach and Bacon. She made me taste it and I love the cheese on top. It matches the meat perfectly.

Hindi ako nagsisisi sa byahe at pagpupumilit ko na abutan ang Tender Bob's... It's absolutely better than the ones which are more expensive. The servings are more than enough to satisfy your hunger... The food selection is okay and I recommend that you have to try their steaks yourself:)

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