Monday, June 27, 2011

Dinner @ Racks with my family

Every Sunday night, I go home to Pampanga to be with my parents and the rest of my family... They fetch me at SM Pampanga, but before we go home, we usually eat together. That Sunday, they decided to eat at Racks. Good thing my cravings for steaks is not yet done.
Racks says that they have the best ribs in town. Their branch in Pampanga is just new, but I've never seen it empty. There are always lots of people dining or falling in line. Aside from having good food, I think the major reason for this is that their foods are very affordable and SULIT NA SULIT!
I like their warm garlic bread a lot. It's crispy and toasted to perfection. It's not greasy and not too salty. I like it paired with their Carbonara.
The White Spaghetti or Carbonara is one of my favorites. There's nothing much in it but the taste is outstanding. I can live with this alone:)) hehe,,
Then we prepared ourselves for the main dishes. I got their famous barbeque sauces and placed them in front of me. HAHAHA maduga ako...
and then TSARAAAANNNN the Ribs are served!!! The meat is juicy, tender and perfect! Jusko kahit maghapon akong umupo para kumain nito papayag ako:)) hehe
I also like their fish fillet served with fries., it's best to eat while still hot
For our side dish, mommy ordered three coleslaw, but sadly I'm not a fan of veggies. I did not bother to taste it :) bad me
This is their classic fried chicken served with fries. I like to eat this with rice since I find it salty already even if I did not use any dip. 
The gravy is also good!
For dessert, we had Mudpie. The warmness of the brownie is in contrast yet goes good with the cold vanilla ice cream topped with chocolate syrup...
When we were about to leave, I saw a saucer container with honey in it. I asked mommy what it is for. She told me to try it by putting a small amount in the pandesal. It's something new for me and I admit that I like it so much.
Here are the girls of the family: my mom, my cousin chai and my bitchy sister cris (hehe peace kapatid)
I am looking forward for the upcoming Sundays when I go home:)

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