Sunday, June 19, 2011

Lunch @ Five Cows with Barn Buddies! Chos!

Isang umaga, nagising akong masakit ang aking likuran.. ayoko pa sanang bumangon ngunit nakatakda ang aming pag-alis noong araw na iyon... I was pissed with my brother who keeps on telling me to prepare myself  na eh ang aga aga pa,,, 8 am! ahaha,, mabilis pa naman ako mainis pag di maganda pakiramdam ko,,
Since few days na lang pasukan na ulit, mom set this day to shop for the things WE need,, inuulit ko, WE kasama talaga ako,, nakiki-epal lang,, hehe:) We went to Trinoma after Cris' enrollment at UST then the shopping starts...
Dahil nga masakit ang likod ko gustong gusto ko na umupo gawa na rin ng pagbagsak ko sa floor... So when mommy said that she is starving na I immediately second the motion for us to have lunch (take note 3pm na to).
Cris said that she wants Flamming Alaska, the famous ice cream of Five Cows... So we went there and the lafangan started!!!
I love their tables and chairs here. Aside from the country feeling it give, they made me remember my favorite games, harvest moon and barn buddy:))
So we picked our orders and after 5 minutes or so, they first served our beverages. They have these really cute glasses with a small handle. My cousin did not like their iced tea.
My sister and cousin played safe.. They ordered Grilled pork. I had this before and it is really good. Not to mention that they have big servings for this. The meat is tender and rich in flavor.
Mom had Fish Salpicao. She said it has too much garlic and she does not like it. I tasted it and I definitely agree with her, The dish is too salty and I don't like it as well.
I ate breakfast so don't want to have rice again for lunch.. I had Creamy Beef and Wild Mushrooms... It's good and mom wants it as well... It's rich in flavor and the cream is just enough so hindi talaga naakaka-umay!
We chose Jethroe's dish, Beef Salpicao... and like the other Salpicao, it's salty... no more comments
Marvin's was chosen by mommy since she knows na pihikan ang maarte kong kapatid,,, She ordered Beef Tapa,,, and it's good but not great! A safe meal
And for our dessert, the famous Flaming Alaska! You will not fail to notice it once someone ordered this,, they will dim the lights when the flame starts to glow,,, they will shout AWOOOO in chorus after the bell rang...

and what's interesting is the ice cream inside the burnt porcupine like icing...
I enjoyed this lunch with my family,,, too bad dad is not there with us thaat time:(
oh well, until next time:)) try Five Cows yourself! They have varieties of food to choose from:))
It is located at the 4th floor of Trinoma Mall near the cinemas:)

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